Dying To Be Me

booksI just read the book Dying To Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing by Anita Moorjani.  Super interesting story, granted I’m a bit fascinated by Near Death Experiences.  This woman has cancer, which in and of itself is common.  However, she should have died (and kind of did thus her NDE) — many of her organs shut down.  They don’t come back under normal circumstances, but hers did!  Amazing!

Her take on life post-NDE becomes kind of New Age-like, believing we are all part of the whole, and the whole is love and ultimately borders on what I normally consider to be a bit wack-a-do.  Despite this, I still really enjoyed this book!  What I love is her new outlook on life — she no longer has fear or anxiety about the everyday matters of life.  She has deep compassion for all people, even those whom most of us want to despise.  Instead, she sees that their wrong actions (including some actions I’d deem evil) as confirmation of a broken person in need of love and compassion.  This life view, along with her remarkable story of healing along with an NDE, is super inspiring.  To top it off, she shares her story and new take on life in a completely judgement-free manner.



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