The Devil in Pew Number Seven

I really wanted to like The Devil in Pew Number Seven. Both of the author’s parents clearly had an incredibly strong faith in God as do both her and her brother. The author’s mother was The devil in pew number seven_shot and killed in front of her and her father was shot twice but survived only to die later a very broken man.  Her family was tormented by a disgruntled community member over several years, which included several homemade bombs detonating outside their home. Her baby brother was miraculously uninjured during one of these bombings.  And then, the climax of the story if you will — she forgives both the family tormentor and the man who murdered her mother (2 different men)!  What a great example of how to truly live out Christian values — I love that and aspire to be that type of person.

Unfortunately, the book itself leaves much to be desired.  It drags on and on and on and on.  While there was a lot that happened to her family, it really wasn’t enough for a regular length book, so it feels like a ton of repetition.  Snoozer!  I did push through and finished and am glad I did because the best part of the book was the afterwards stuff (which might not be in the original print…not sure on that).  In this part, she talks about meeting her mother’s killer after he is released from jail on Dr. Phil.  That part of the book was exciting, fresh and new.


Note:  I have a “really complicated” rating system.  The status at the bottom of a review will be one of the three following rankings:

1. Recommend — I recommend reading this book.

2. Take It or Leave It — this book had both good and bad qualities.  I wouldn’t recommend it, but it wasn’t entirely bad.

3. Thumbs Down — I do not recommend reading this book.


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