Slave to Diet Mountain Dew No More

Did you know you don’t actually need to drink water?  You will not die of dehydration if you only drink soda – it’s a bit embarrassing that I know this, but I do from experience.  I could go chain and lockmonths without drinking any water at all, surviving on Diet Mountain Dew and maybe a glass of milk here and there.  I didn’t die.  No crazy health scares either.  But I had a fabulous vacation planned out of the country and knew I wouldn’t be able to easily find my drug of choice (Dt. Dew).  Had to give it up like I had so many times before.  This time, I wisely found a crutch to use to help me.  Sure, water would have been the wise choice but that has failed me in the past and I’ve returned to Diet Dew. Insert a new obsession with tea!

I started drinking hot tea using tea bags.  This was back in August of 2012. It was nice; plus it was socially acceptable especially in the morning where my soda habit always got weird looks.  For Christmas, I asked for real tea tools to take the plunge into the real world of tea with loose leaves and all.  This was so very sophisticated for me:-)  Love this!  So many options leave taste boredom in the dust.  Yet, it always has a familiar taste to it even when it’s an entirely new-to-me tea.

So, a couple days ago I was having a high-stress day and my husband told me to leave.  So dramatic, huh?  Actually he was being very sweet knowing my kids were driving me crazy so he was giving me a break.  I went to a tea shop (Tea Source) to grab a new tea.  I really wanted to have a seat, read my book and try a flight of tea.  I basically chickened out.  What?  I purchased some leaves and left, but still don’t understand why I didn’t also buy a flight and sit down — I had my Kindle Fire with me and was in the middle of a great read plus my husband had given me the OK to be out for as long as I needed.

Self analysis time:-) (And yes, I have an issue with using too many emoticons…sorry!)

Did I not want to be alone in public?  Probably not the case..while I was in the mood to talk to people that day, I am always fine being alone, especially with a book in hand.  I’m a bit of an introvert, so this is a natural state for me.

Was I feeling insecure?  Maybe…I’ve never actually had more than a sample of tea in public.  Is there a protocol for tea drinking that I don’t know about?  I like my tea sweetened, but is that taboo in the “tea world”? I am a grown-ass woman – why in the world would I even care about this!?! I think I do though.  This might be my answer.  Wow…so silly of me:-)

Well, despite my insecurity, the tea I bought (Breakfast Assam) is fabulous!


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