3 Goals for 6-Weeks

Leo Babauta wrote in a post a short while ago that one should write everyday.  I’m guessing that only applies to those that actually aspire to become a better writer — I do!  I don’t necessarily aspire to be published or anything like that, but I would like to write concisely and persuasively any time I write without it taking a ton of effort.  The only way to do that is to practice.  Therefore, I am going to write daily.  For the handful of you that follow me, I will apologize in advance if my topics don’t seem to belong together.

There are also a few other areas of my life that require daily attention.  My head knows that I should tackle one area of my life at a time, but I’m kind of an all or nothing girl, so I’m going to try to do it all in small steps.  Here are my goals:

1. Write Daily.  I will post a new blog post each day — no writing in advance setting future publish times.

2. Purge 7+ items per week. I hope to go to Goodwill with most of it, and going there daily is out of the question.  The item doesn’t count as gone until it’s out of the house, so counting weekly rather than daily.

3. Lose 30-50 lbs.  Yikes — that’s a LOT of weight!  I plan on doing this by eating 1200-1600 calories daily — tracking my calorie intake.  I also will continue to workout, but be more consistent   I hate saying this because I’m so scared of failing, but I’m going to commit to doing some physical activity everyday.  Some days, this might just be a short walk if I don’t make my planned workout.  Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings I plan on hitting my Kettlebell gym.  Then Tuesday nights doing a “Groove” class at my Pilates gym and Thursday and Sunday mornings doing Barre classes at my Pilates gym.  In addition, I will continue my Aerial classes 1 night a week when in session — for most of the summer, this will probably be Wednesday nights.

I have a few other things that I would love to add to my list, but that will be too much for right now.  June 22, 2013 is 6-weeks away — that will be a good time to re-evaluate these goals. They may need to be tweaked at that point (maybe I’ll have run out of things to get rid of!).  And maybe I’ll be ready to add another goal if these 3 are going swimmingly…time will tell.

Wish me luck!


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