The Second Best Face Wash in the World

Simple Face Cleanser

I stumbled upon the recipe for the 2nd best face wash in the world.  It seems so very counter-intuitive though, I was scared to try it for quite a while.  But I saw it a second or third time in different locations, so had to give it a-go.  It’s so inexpensive, it nearly pays you to use it.  I no longer need face lotion and my pores are probably cleaner, thus smaller looking, than they’ve been since before I started experiencing acne as a teenager.

My process:  I rub a liberal amount of the face wash onto my dry face.  Next, I run hot water and use my wash cloth to give myself a short steam bath.  Then, I rinse the wash cloth and use it to gently rub the face wash off my face.  At the end, I splash some cold water on my face for good measure.  I’d like to do this morning and night, but I’m happy if I remember one or the other each day.

So, what is this magic face wash? It’s a mixture of 50% Extra Virgin Olive Oil and 50% Castor Oil!  No lie.  If you have oily skin, you may change the ratio to include more Castor Oil; dry skin users could change the ratio to include more Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Since I’m claiming this is the SECOND best face wash in the world, you’re probably wondering what the first place face wash consists of.  The answer is……wait for it……I don’t know!  If you claim to know, or have other simple, inexpensive options, let me know in the comments.